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FemtoAg Ion Technology Frost Protection and Higher Brix!
FemtoAg Ion Technology has over 15 sextillion nutrients per medical drop
FemtoAg Ion Technology Organically approved, EPA 25B and eliminates all pesticides!
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Farmers have gotten Frost protection in Michigan, Kentucky and Florida.
The crops have been Tobacco, Onions, Apples, Corn, Tomatoes and Soybeans

Apples with Soysoap fights off Frost as well!

Apples without Soysoap can't fights off Frost as well!

Soysoap, Higher Brix and Soybeans Way North Double Crop Line

Experiment: The soybeans were planted August 15th, 2008 and were at their 6th week at 12 inches before treatment. The Soybeans were near Lansing, Michigan in 2008. The starting location of this double crop soybean experiment was 250 miles north of I-70 so the double crop. The experiment was to see if we could double crop soybeans, and we did although we had 2 nights of 10 or more hours at 26 degrees, untreated plants all died. The test was to see how Soybeans reacted to Soysoap and Brix Levels observations. The purpose of this is to show that achieving higher Brix means higher C02 consumption for the plants, healthier plant, frost protection and increased crop production. Healthy Soybeans can defend themselves against Pests and Weather.

Brix before spraying on both plots at 11:55 tested Brix at 11 am, Temperature was 84 degrees and sunny day.

9-3-2008 2.35 PM, Brix after spraying Soysoap on Soybeans, and not spraying Soysoap on Soybeans. After just 3 hours of spraying Soysoap. Soybean Brix with Soysoap 17, Soybean Brix without Soysoap 12. Comment: Soysoaped Soybeans increased Brix levels from 11 to 17 or 54%. Physiologically the Soybean sugar factory had reacted to the Soysoap with a 54% increase in Brix, which eventually would lead us to the accidentally develop our frost protection product. The untreated soybean increased Brix only 10% which could just be attributed to natural photosynthesis process during the day as it was a sunny






No Soysoap





9 am




Day 2, To early at 9.30 to take Brix reading should be in the middle of afternoon. Brix was lower than we started, we were concerned.


5 pm


Rained 1/8



Day 3, Now that we had a proper time for Brix reading the project was looking better. Soysoaped Beans were 13 vs 8, 5 points higher.


10 am




Day 4, Another Early Brix Reading, Results obvious!


6 pm




Day 5, 4 points advantage we are seeing a pattern.


1 pm


Rained 1”



Day 7, Rainy cloudy day less Brix increase expected.

09-10-08: Comment: Phase 1 of experiment, After 7 days the farmer decided to spray Soysoap again. Farmer had taken unfortunately Brix reading inconsistently during the day from 9 am to 6 pm. But in spite of that the Soybeans with Soysoap always had higher Brix Levels everyday. Phase 2 starting comments: 09-10-08 1:00p.m. 68 degrees sunny and 10 mph wind, Soybeans with Soysoap Brix 15, Soybeans without Soysoap without Brix 15. Second foliar spray began at 1:00p.m. checked again @ 3:30p.m. Soybeans with Soysoap Brix 15, Soybeans without Soysoap Brix 12. We applied 2 oz of Soysoap with the mixture of tracite, sugar, sea salt vinegar and ammonia.


4 pm





3 points higher, Summary of this day above!


2 pm




3 points higher







0 points difference


2 pm


Rain 5”



0 points difference, rain again no sun.


1 pm


No rain



3 points difference


1 pm





1 point difference


1 pm




2 points difference


1 pm





3 points difference


4 pm





1 point difference

FREEZE WARNING: 10-03-08 6:20p.m, 50 degrees freeze forecast, Soybeans with Soysoap Brix16, Soybeans without Soysoap without Brix 12. Sprayed the bean plants with Soysoap (8 oz) and sugar (5lbs) 13 gal H2O. Farmer called about Frost/Freeze, and we guessed and told him to use the Soysoap to activate the sugar factory and drain all the water out of the plants xylem and phloem, it worked. All untreated plants died after first freeze.

10-14-08 1:30 pm 60 degrees had 3 freezes since last Brix checks: Soybeans Soysoap Brix with 14, Soybeans without Soysoap 14 this was our last Brix checks we did do pod counts on the two plots with the following results:

Test 1 pod count with Soysoap 9-15-11-5-12=52 52./.5=10.4
Test 1 pod count without Soysoap 8-4-3-2-3=20./.5=4

Test 2 pod count with Soysoap 12-18-14-15-6=65./.5=13
Test 2 pod count without Soysoap 6-5-3-7-1=22./.5=4.4

Average pod count test with Soysoap 13+10.4=23/2 = 10.4 pods
Average pod count test without Soysoap 4.4+4 =8.4/2= 4.2 pods

Farmer Final Report: Untreated Plants No Soybeans, Soysoap Treated Beans 12 bu acre. Not Great but they grew them.

Soysoap Report: Soysoap Beans had higher Brix Levels than Untreated Every Test.

Final Tally on Brix for CO2 Consumption: Soysoaped Beans Averaged 11.75, Untreated 9.31 = Treated 21% CO2 Consumption.

Intervews Freddie About August 1st Late Planting of Frost Protected Soybeans, Farmer had to deal with Late planting, Deer and More Deer, 29 Degree Temperature, Frost and More Nights of November Frost! But the Farmer got a Christmas Cutting.

Steve: We're standing here this morning with Freddie, we're standing out here in a bean field here and Freddie was the first one to start using our Soysoap product here and Fred's been using it for three years now and he's got some tremendous results, with our Soysoap and everything here and Freddie we're standing here in this field tell me what is unique about this field here this morning.

Freddie: We planted early and the beans didn't come up and always so dry and so we planted a bunch of beans over some and it was getting so late and all, it was almost the last of July and I said well I'm going to try something this year I'm going to plant some of these beans late and see if I can spray them with Soysoap and make them mature and everything before they frost on. So we planted them August 1st and they we're sprayed them twice with the Soysoap while they was growing and they really growed and took off and about the time they got ready to start fading they podded and it was time for frost and it was getting down to 29 and so we run and sprayed them again the night before with the Soysoap and it kept them green and all where they the leaves stayed on and this is November the what 22?

Steve: This is November the 22nd.

Freddie: Yeah November 22nd and they're still green and all and we've had several frosts since then and all and the beans has gotten mature. And all they make 45, 30 bushes of acre and they were sprayed August 1st.

Steve: And before you came in and sprayed the kind of frost proof them. What shape were the pods when you got here?

Freddie: They was just flat, they you could tell a bean was in there but it was the pod was so flat that there were nothing there and we sprayed them and they stayed green and it didn't frost for about two weeks and they filled out and they are pretty good beans.

Steve: You had frost after you sprayed them and you had frost two mornings.

Freddie: Two mornings so it got down to 29 degrees and I had the insurance man come look at them I still move them for hay if they weren't for food then we'll make beans and they are I mean. They could go and fill out and they've done filled out and they're still putting in them green leaves is so. I guess they are going to be Christmas beans cut.

Steve: August the 1st, two sprayings of Soysoap, he's come back with one more spraying over the top to frost proof it and it protected it from the frost and they completely have completely filled out and made a bean crop here in about 82 days.

Freddie: Yeah sure have.

Steve: And we might say it is November the 22nd and we still got green leaves on these to help these completely make a crop here. I bet they look pretty good.

Freddie: Yeah I to do they do. And we planted the beans August 1st and thats a no no.

Note: Soysoap has provided provide Frost Protection on least 4 different kinds of crops: Tomatoes, Tobacco, Soybeans and Corn

Onions with Soysoap fights off Frost!

Florida Sheriff’s Farm Manger for Onions testimonial by the staff in Florida. The Farm consists of severeal acres that are utilized for food crops. The Vegetables grown are distributed to many food banks through out the County area. Additional vegetables grown are also given to facilitate the inmates at the County Jail. The Farm has been in existence for approximately 20 years.

The goal of our farm has always been to grow vegetables through Green and Organic products and safer practices of agriculture. Do to liabilities in excess of the average farmer we have been forced to find alternatives for growing and protecting our crops.

About 4 months ago we were introduced to Soysoap 1. Upon meeting the representative we had never heard of a product like Soysoap 1 nor did we know this product was being manufactured right here in Florida. The representative proved to use with out a shadow of doubt that it is an all "green" product and would do things for the plants that they had never seen before. The cost of the product was just $3.00 an acre weekly!

After a thorough explanation of how the Product is applied 1/4 oz per gallon, and the best possible application program to use. We decided to give this company a try like many others that have approached us. This is what we discovered:

A. The product is 100% safe. I have been in contact with it several times with no sign of any problems, irritations or reactions of any kind.

B. When applied at 1/4 ounce once per week the first thing we noticed was the color or chloropohll of the plants changing to a darker shade of green. As if the plants were getting healthier. The leaves became cleaner and shining.

C. Our first crop tested was Onions. With the Soysoap 1 spray program, we have grown Onions to twice as high and have grown over 1000 lbs more vs control of Onions on our facilities on a small plot. We have easily doubled our producton of Onions and survived the frost!

We planted the Onions yhsy was put into the ground. We were so impressed with the Onions that we decided to use this product on all vegetable crops as well. We started by soaking the seedlings in a 20 minute bath at 1/4 ounce per gallon. We are now completely convinced that this product works extremely well and we have our drum set up on a full time mixing station. Soysoap 1 saves the County money and has enabled us to maximize crop production. We have successfully grown 2 crops at the Farm with no fertilizers and we are now spraying the various other hedges and ornamentals in and around the buildings. We recommend this product to any farmer wishing to reduce operating costs and maximize the potential, profits, and protection of his or her crops. This product pays for itself

If you made it this far and are interested I will send you a free quart for testing.. I have also attached a product analysis as you can see this technology is not a fertilizer but we have this amazing production.

Florida Onions Soysoaped Growing in Frost

The First 2 pictures are without Soysoap as newly planted plants and one after a 60 day frost which klled the plant.
Below Sick Onions 1 Week Without Soysoap after Planting Slow Starting

Below Sick Onions 1 Week Without Soysoap after Planting Slow Starting

Below Dead Onions & Frozen 60 Days Without Soysoap

Below Another Onions 60 Days Without Soysoap killled by frost

The Next 5 pictures all Soysoap 1 Treated: First 2 pictures are newly planted plants and ones after that are 60 day old that had frost and survived!

Below Onions 1 Week With Soysoap and you can see how virous the plant is growing.

Another Below Onions 1 Week With Soysoap and you can see how virous the plant is growing as well.

Below Onions 40 Days With Soysoap.

Another Below Onions 60 Days With Soysoap attacked by frost and survived and produced a crop.

Below Onions 60 Days With Soysoap attacked by frost and survived and produced a crop.

Intervews Freddie About July 1st Late Planting of Frost Protected Corn, Farmer had to deal with Late planting, Deer and More Deer, 29 Degree Temperature, Frost and More Nights of November Frost! But the Farmer got a Christmas Corn Cutting.

Steve: Freddie we are standing out here in the cornfield and you got some pretty good ears of corn on this. Tell us when this was planted and what you did to it.

Freddie: Well we planted early about April but what happened is got all over everything and flooded and killed it. So it dried out and everything and by the time it got dried out it was done in July. So last June in the got started, I planted this first day of July and so it came out and made it all and before it frosted the it the chaff had turned brown on it so I said well it's going to be all right. And so but we sprayed it with clear masses of Soysoap and it was about two foot tall and that's all the Soysoap we put on it, till it got so big we couldn't get back in there and do nothing with it and all this made the pretty decent hold here and dried down.

Steve: What did the corn do after you put the Soysoap to it?

Freddie: Oh it turned green you know, and picked up and I was afraid that it leached out too much of fertilizer but I don't it had I think the Soysoap made it pick it up you know, and grow to it.

Steve: So after it flooded out and you come back and replant it, you didn't put any more fertilizer. All you did was plant it and put the Soysoap on that.

Freddie: That's all we done yeah. Well we did put nitrogen on it, put 30% on it because.

Steve: Top grafted?

Freddie: Yeah we top grafted 30% of about 40 gallons a day, so that's all we are done.

Steve: Pretty good-looking corn.

Freddie: Yeah it is; we planted July 1 the first round.

Steve: I take it on any year just about I believe.

Freddie: It its really going to be a whole lot better now than the previous years.

Steve: Yeah July the 1st.

Freddie: Yeah, yeah. So normally July the 1st you're going to make net.

Steve: Yeah.

Freddie: It's just too late.

Note: Soysoap has provided provide Frost Protection on least 4 different kinds of crops: Tomatoes, Tobacco, Soybeans and Corn

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